Thursday, 6 August 2015


102 days until I sit my fried brain down to my final high school exam. The home stretch and ready to sprint through the marathon tape. Since last year when I dropped my art subject, the lack of creativity I have been able to pursue within the boundaries of my 8.30am-3.30pm school based lifestyle. While this has been fine in previous years, planning things with like minded friends after school and 5am call times on a Sunday, the home study to let me reach saturation point of legal torts doesn't allow for my creative breathing room. Study called shotgun and creativity is backseat driving. But heres my catch; I want to listen. Come November 14, this space is to become my 2.0. 
This all came to light after finding some photography work from last year. Meg and I were kicked goals in little over an hour to produce a gold mine photography series. 

Gold paint highs and superb collar bones aside, this bout of energy I aim to keep alive through Fabian Tanking Notes. Although this space won't a whirlwind of productivity in the next few weeks, brace yourselves for the post exam high and release of creative juices. New York is calling and my camera is on standby. Watch this space. 

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